Unisa Registration Information

It is important to assess the full cost of your studies before confirming your modules for registration.
This cost includes:

  • Unisa study fees
    When registering, you will have to pay a prescribed minimum fee before your registration will be confirmed. This payment must be received by Unisa before the closing date for registration. The remainder of the fees must be paid by the prescribed due dates – please make sure that you meet these payment dates otherwise you will not be allowed to write exams. The fees and closing dates for payments for 2012 are available in step 6.
  • Prescribed books
    Some modules have prescribed books which you will need to purchase for your studies. We suggest that you contact Unisa vospresc@unisa.ac.za before you register to request an advance list of the prescribed books. You will then be able to request a quotation from one of Unisa’s official booksellers. This list is also available under additional registration information.
If you are registering via the web or the self-service terminals at a regional centre, you will be able to choose modules and calculate fees during the registration process. If you are registering by post, at a branch of the South African Post Office or by fax, we suggest that you use the fee tables in step 6 to calculate the fees and minimum payments before you register.

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Source: http://www.unisa.ac.za