Student fees

The university will not accept cash or cheques at any of its offices. Cash may, however, still be paid into the university’s bank account, at any Standard Bank branch or at any branch of the South African Post Office.
The government is currently investigating the subsidy for foreign students. Your attention is drawn to the fact that prescribed student fees could increase substantially in th e future. The university reserves the right to charge fees in certain countries in the currency of that country.

Prescribed student fees for 2012

Fees are valid for the 2012 academic year only. Prescribed student fees include registration, examinations (excluding special, sick and supplementary examinations) and admission to discussion classes.
  • Minimum amount payable at the point of registration
    • A minimum amount is payable on registration in respect of each module or paper for which you register.
    • The minimum amount payable on registration is dependent on the number of individual study units for which you register.
    • A minimum initial amount is payable for each module. Students applying for Matriculation Exemption must note that the Matriculation Exemption fee forms part of the minimum fee amount payable.
    • The minimum amount payable on registration will be forfeited should the relevant study unit be cancelled.
    • Note that compulsory miscellaneous fees, where applicable, are also payable on registration. These fees include the levy for students in foreign countries and levies for additional study material. After payment of the initial amount on registration, the outstanding balance must be paid before the relevant dates.
    • All fees must be paid into the correct allocation or else the university will not be able to process your registration.
  • Prescribed student fees
    The levy for students in foreign countries must be paid in addition to the minimum initial payment on registration. A student must be in possession of a student number before registration can be processed or fees paid or deposited into the Standard Bank account. The fees for all fourth-level modules will be charged the same as for honours-level modules.

    Any legal fees that arise due to actions taken by Unisa to collect unpaid student fees will for the account of the student.

Note. Please note that the university no longer banks with Absa Bank. Our new bank is Standard Bank.

Payments methods
Registration cancellation dates for 2012
Prescribed student fees: undergraduate level
Prescribed student fees: honours/4th-year level
Miscellaneous fees
Additional study material for formative and professional subjects

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